What will be the output of the given Java static method related code snippet?


public class Sample 
    static int j; 
    static void methodA(int i)
        boolean b; 
            b = i<10 | methodB(4); /* Line 9 */
            b = i<10 || methodB(8);  /* Line 10 */
        }while (!b); 
    static boolean methodB(int i)
        j += i; 
        return true; 
    public static void main(String[] args)
        System.out.println( "j = " + j ); 

The answer is : j=4
The lines to watch here are lines 9 & 10. Line 9 features the non-shortcut version of the OR operator so both of its operands will be evaluated and therefore methodB(4) is executed. However line 10 has the shortcut version of the OR operator and if the 1st of its operands evaluates to true (which in this case is true), then the 2nd operand isn't evaluated, so methodB(8) never gets called. The loop is only executed once, b is initialized to false and is assigned true on line 9. Thus j = 4.


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