Watir Interview Questions And Answers

watir interview questions and answers   Top 5 Watir Interview Questions And Answers

1) What is Watir?

Watir is an open-source cross-platform web application testing tool. It is most reliable and flexible automation tool of Ruby libraries for web browsers automation. This cross browser testing tool interacts with a browser just like human being such that it clicks links, filling out forms and validating text.

2) What are the different features of Watir?

Following are the features of Watir:

● Watir is free, so there is no costs to use the tool.
● This automated testing tool is supported by active and growing community.
● Watir supports multiple browsers on different platforms.
● It is very powerful and lightweight tool.

3) Does Watir check the input datatypes?

Yes, these input data types can be checked using Watir and Watir-webdriver.

4) Can Watir testing tool work with a database?

Watir cannot work with databases like MS SQL, Oracle or MySQL, but like other programming languages, Ruby gives Watir the power to connect to databases.

5) What are the disadvantages of using Watir?

Watir can not control browser plugins like Java applets, Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight.