Testim Interview Questions And Answers

testim interview questions and answers   Top 6 Testim Interview Questions And Answers

1) What is Testim?

Testim is a modern day automated testing tool. It uses machine learning to speed the authoring, execution, and maintenance of automated tests. The tester can analyse any test case in few minutes and execute them on multiple web and mobile platforms.

2) What are the features of Testim?

Following are the key features of Testim:

● Easily add annotations to find out what's wrong in the system.
● Developers just need to click the automated bug test to reproduce in the browser automatically.
● Quickly view and share easy-to-understand annotated screenshots using the bug tracker.
● It uses machine learning to speed the authoring, execution, and maintenance of automated tests.
● It can be easily integrated with different CI/CD tools.

3) How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used in Testim?

Testim uses Dynamic Locators, The Artificial Intelligence (AI) underneath the platform in real time which analyzes all the DOM objects of a page and extracts the objects and its properties. Here, the AI decides the best location strategy to locate a particular element based on this analysis. Due to this, even if a developer changes the attribute of an element, the test still continues to run and this leads to more stable tests. As a result, the authoring and execution of automated tests are much faster and more stable.

4) In Testim how one can create reusable code?

Testim helps to ensure Re-usability by 'Grouping' and 'Parameterization'.

Grouping - Any number of related steps can be grouped into one reusable component.
Parameterization - Testim platform gives the option of testing application through various input combinations via Parameterization.

5) Is it possible to integrate Testim with Jenkins using Docker?

Yes, Testim can be integrated with Jenkins using Docker. In order to integrate tests with Jenkins using docker container, we need to install the docker engine on the Jenkins machine or one of its slave machines.

6) Can we integrate Testim with GitHub?

Yes, Testim can be easily integrated with GitHub. Branches created in GitHub will automatically be created (same name) in Testim. Merging branches in GitHub will automatically merge the tests in Testim. GitHub integration also allows to report bugs in Git and Issues straight from your browser. All the relevant bug info will automatically be populated.