Squish Interview Questions And Answers

squish interview questions and answers   Top 8 Squish Interview Questions And Answers

1) What is Squish tool?

Squish is a commercial cross-platform GUI and regression testing tool that can test applications based on a variety of GUI technologies. This tool is developed and maintained by Froglogic company. This tool is choice for more than 3000 companies worldwide to automate the functional regression tests and system tests of their graphical user interface (GUIs) and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs).

2) What are the different features of Squish tool?

Following are the key features of Squish tool:

● Squish tool has complete support for all major GUI technologies
● This has full support for all desktop, mobile, web and embedded platforms
● Squish fully supports Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
● Squish is powerful and reliable object identification and verification (object-based and image based)
● There is no dependency on screenshots or visual appearance
● Squish has the feature to record the test scripts.
● This tool is powerful integrated development environment (IDE)
● A wide range of popular script languages for test scripting
● Squish provides full control via command line tools
● It easily integrates with Test Management and CI-Systems

3) Which all data sources supported by Squish?

Data can be passed through multiple sources like Excel, csv, tsv, etc. Apart from this data can be passed through database connections as well.

4) Is there a way to find out what is the exact Squish package?

Yes, this can be done through buildinfo.txt file which contains all information about your package.

5) Can there be multiple scripts in Test Suite Resources in Squish?

Yes. Test Suite Resources can have multiple scripts, test data resources and verification points.

6) Does squish support excel 2003 or 2007?

Yes, Squish supports Excel, but only in the .xls (not .xlsx) file format.

7) What are the different editions of Squish?

The Automated GUI Testing Tool comes in several editions with dedicated support for the specific GUI technologies:

● Squish for Qt
● Squish for Java
● Squish for Windows
● Squish for Mobile
● Squish for Web
● Squish for Mac

8) Can we test Qt and Windows apps using same test suite?

Yes, you simply need a combination Squish Qt & Windows package