Top 9 Mariadb Interview Questions And Answers


1) What is MariaDB?

MariaDB is an open source database management system. The database engine allows to choose from a variety of storage engines, and it makes great use of resources via an optimizer that increases query performance and processing. It's also highly compatible with MySQL, and it is a drop in replacement with exact matching of commands and APIs because many of the developers of MySQL were involved in its development.

2) What are the advantages of MariaDB?

Following are the different advantages of MariaDB:

● MariaDB is fast and stable.
● MariaDB has high availability and is very secure.
● MariaDB provides different tools for disaster recovery.
● Progress bars in MariaDB shows how a query is progressing.
● Extensible architecture and plug-ins allows to customize the tool to match according to the needs.
● Encryption is available at network, server and application levels.

3) What are MariaDB platform managed services?

MariaDB Platform Managed Services allows enterprises to get the benefits of a cloud database without losing the features, options and support available on premises.

4) What is transaction replay in MariaDB?

It is one of the key feature of MariaDB where if an automatic failover occurs mid-transaction, it will automatically replayed as both the connection and the session failover as well - all transparent to the client, and thus the application itself.

5) What is casual reads in MariaDB?

When clients read data after writing it, and replication is used for read scaling, their reads will be routed to the primary database until their write has been applied on a secondary.

6) What is Oracle compatibility in MariaDB?

Oracle Database compatibility, including data types and stored procedures, makes MariaDB easier than ever to migrate from Oracle Database and get rid of the burdens of proprietary databases.

7) What is MariaDB MaxScale?

MariaDB MaxScale is most advanced database proxy, intelligent routing, automatic failover, dynamic data masking and a powerful database firewall.

8) What are MariaDB connectors?

MariaDB connectors are lightweight clients for C, Java, Node.js and ODBC drivers for developing applications on Mac OS, Linux, Linux on ARM and Windows operating systems.

9) What are MariaDB containers?

These are official Docker images, Docker Compose scripts and Kubernetes Helm charts to easily start with the containers.


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