Loadrunner Interview Questions And Answers

loadrunner interview questions and answers   Top 9 Loadrunner Interview Questions And Answers

1) What is Loadrunner?

Loadrunner is a load testing tool for Windows and Linux, which allows testing the web application efficiently. It is used to determine the performance and result of the web application under heavy load.

2) What are the key features of Loadrunner?

Following are the key features of Loadrunner:

● Loadrunner provides support for various types of Apps.
● All the Vusers can be controlled with just a single dashboard.
● This testing tool can work on several enterprise environments.
● The monitoring and analysis is very user-friendly and easy to grasp.
● LoadRunner provide support for several types of protocols.

3) What are the main components of Loadrunner?

Following are the key components of Loadrunner:

Vuser generator - This is used for generating Scripts
Controller - This is used for creating and executing scenarios
Analyzer - This is used to analyze results.

4) What is load runner Agent?

The Agent in loadrunner is an interface between host machine and controller.

5) What is the process for developing a Vuser Script in Load runner?

There are four different steps for developing a vuser script

Record the Vuser Script.
● Playback / Enhance the recorded vuser script.
● Define the various run-time settings & check
● Incorporate the script in a LoadRunner scenario

6) How many VUsers are required for load testing in Loadrunner?

The number of VUsers required for load testing in Loadrunner depends on your system under test, network configurations, hardware settings, memory, operating system, software applications objective of a performance test.

7) What is the significance of Vuser-init in Loadrunner?

The significance Vuser-init in Loadrunner is that it records the pre-operations also called the initialization operations before the actual application is run.

8) What is extended log in Loadrunner?

In Loadrunner an extended log will store information such as data returned by an advanced trace, parameter substitution and much other information depending on the options you select in run-time settings.

9) What are monitors in Loadrunner?

Monitors are used to analyze the performance bottlenecks. They are used in Controller section of Load Runner.