Blazemeter Interview Questions And Answers

blazemeter interview questions and answers   Top 3 Blazemeter Interview Questions And Answers

1) What is BlazeMeter?

BlazeMeter is a Load testing tool which ensures delivery of high-performance software to quickly run performance tests for mobile applications, website or API to check the performance at every stage of its development.

2) What are the key features of BlazeMeter?

Following are the key features of BlazeMeter:

● BlazeMeter allows to test website and integrate multi-geo locations results into single report.
● It uses VPN credentials to integrate a series of load servers into the private network.
● Retrieve site data from Google Analytics account and integrate them into a new test setup.
● It helps to achieve true shift-left Continuous Testing.

3) Is BlazeMeter compatible with open source?

Yes, BlazeMeter is 100% compatible with Apache JMeter and other open-source tools such as Jenkins and Selenium Webdriver.