Apache Ant Interview Questions And Answers

apache ant interview questions and answers   Top 11 Apache Ant Interview Questions And Answers

1) What is Apache Ant?

It is a Java library and command-line tool for automating software build processes. It was originated in early 2000.

2) What is the full form of ANT in Apache Ant?

The ant is acronym of "Another Neat Tool"

3) Why we use Apache Ant?

Following are the uses of Apache Ant:

● Compiling Java code into bytecode
● Placing Java bytecode in a package
● Deployment of this package to production systems
● Document creation and release notes preparation.

4) What are the different built-in tasks of Apache Ant?

Following are the built-in tasks:

● compile
● assemble
● test Java application
● run Java applications

5) How we can set classpath in Apache Ant?

Below code snippet can be used to set the classpath in Apache Ant:

<path id="build.classpath">
<fileset dir="${build.lib}" includes="**/*.jar"/>
<fileset dir="${build.class"}/>

<classpath field="build.classpath"/>

<classpath field="build.classpath"/>

6) Apache Ant is written in which language?

Apache Ant is written in Java

7) How can we Prepare A Project In Ant?

Project can be prepared by making a build.xml as a build file and using following tag. Inside this tag we have to defined standard targets (such as build, clean etc), etc.

8) What are the different features of Apache Ant?

Following are the features of Apache Ant:

● Ant is an open source project available under the Apache license. Therefore, its source code can be downloaded and modified.
● Ant uses XML build files which make its development easy.
● Apache Ant is Cross Platform compatible.
● Apache Ant is Extensible.
● Use of XML along with Java makes Ant makes it the perfect solution for developing programs designed to run or be built across a range of different operating systems.
● Tasks are used to extend the capabilities of the build process, whereas build listeners are used to help hook into the build process to add extra error tracking functionality.

9) How to make Apache Ant user interactive?

The org.apache.tools.ant.input.InputHandler interface is used to implement the user input. To perform the user input, the application creates InputRequest object and this object will be passed to InputHandler.

10) Can we modify properties in Apache Ant?

No, we can't modify the properties in Ant. The properties in Ant are immutable in nature.

11) Can we set Path and Classpath in Apache Ant build file?

No, we donít set any classpath in Ant build file.